Membership Benefits
It’s a Worthy Cause
100% of your annual membership dues actually helps support the day to day operation of this non-profit Historical Landmark, the Denver Turnverein. It costs over $250, 000 a year to preserve and support this building. Because membership dues do not actually cover everything, donations for caring for this marvelous building and dance space are always needed and appreciated. Please consider becoming a supporting donor of the Denver Turnverein as well.
You Save Money
You get discounted prices for Tango Colorado weekly practicas {weekly practice dances), as well as the special milongas (monthly special dances).
Your membership applies to all the wonderful dance clubs that make the Denver Turnverein their home.
You get significantly reduced admission to any and all club weekly events held at the Denver Turnverein.
You get discounted drinks at the bar.
You get ridiculously low event rentals for weddings, birthdays etc. You will save thousands! Really!
You generally receive a return of your investment in only ten events. Now that’s a real savings!
Social Benefits
The Denver Turnverein is a great place to meet a diverse group of dancers for socializing and networking. Many romantic connections have been made, and many more long-term friendships abound.
Physical Benefits
Everyone knows the physical benefits of exercising. Well, dancers look younger, have more energy and live longer. Instead of just walking the dog, dance a lot! You are going to love it.
Personal Satisfaction
Become involved, have some fun, and make a difference with people you will grow to love by volunteering. It really does feel good. The Denver Turnverein will definitely become your home, your family and the place you feel compelled to attend weekly.  
Become a Tango Colorado Member Today

Membership dues are not pro-rated. All memberships now expire one year from the date the member joins or renews.

All membership dues are paid to the Denver Turnverein, so please make your CHECK PAYABLE TO The Denver Turnverein. Tango Colorado does not receive any funds from membership dues. All dues go exclusively to the maintenance and care of this historic building that we call our home.

How to Join TC
  • Join or Renew your membership in person at the Denver practica – Tuesdays, 6:30pm-10:30pm
  • Join or Renew online at
  • Print the  Denver Turnverein Membership Application, bring it to a practica or mail it with payment (payable to The Denver Turnverein) to Membership, Denver Turnverein, 1570 Clarkson Street, Denver, CO 80218.

For more information on joining Tango Colorado, contact our membership chair,

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