Classes – Every Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 pm


Tango Colorado hosts low cost weekly Tango dance lessons. Our classes are held at the historic Denver Turnverein Dance & Cultural Center. No partner necessary! The classes, Beginner and Beginner II, are designed to give novice tango dancers the basic technique and skills necessary to connect with their partners, integrate basic steps, move to the music, navigate the dance floor with confidence respecting other couples on the floor and moving with the flow and rhythm of the room. The emphasis of these classes is to teach technique and basic steps that will allow a dancer –of whatever level– to dance many basic steps well rather than a few complex patterns poorly.  The classes are followed by a practice session where dancers can polish the steps they learned, interact with other students and advanced dancers, improve their tango skills or just relax in the company of fellow Argentine Tango enthusiasts.

Practica – Every Tuesday 7:30 – 10:30 pm


A Tango Practica follows the Tuesday’s classes. The Practica (Spanish for practice) is the traditional way to hone the skills, steps and patterns taught in the Tango Colorado classes or learned elsewhere. The dance floor is divided into two sections. One section is reserved for those who wish to practice the individual steps without the restrictions or time constraints found in a formal class. The other side of the floor is reserved for those who wish to practice their skills in a pseudo-milonga environment, i.e., following the line of dance, navigating a crowded floor, recognizing tango music sets (tandas), cabeceos (the traditional head-nod way of asking for a dance at a milonga), etc.

Denver Turnverein Dance & Cultural Center

Some dance clubs meet in a variety of locations, subject to the interest and whims of the venue owners, which has contributed mightily to a steady decline of dance venues. Fortunately, Tango Colorado found a permanent home at the Denver Turnverein, a historic German Club located in the Uptown/Capital Hill area of central Denver, which has a fabulous 5,000 square foot ballroom and bar upstairs and a Rathskellar in the basement.


1570 Clarkson St.
Denver, CO 80218
Tel: 303-831-9717