Guest Instructor & Promoter Policy

As a part of Tango Colorado’s mission and commitment to membership and the art of Traditional Argentine Tango, Tango Colorado shall provide membership with opportunities to learn and improve their tango dance knowledge and technique and enrich the dance experience by providing exposure to the various social tango dance forms. To that end, Tango Colorado shall, from time to time, utilize professional guest instructors brought in by local promoters or Tango Colorado and in conjunction, present professional tango dance demonstrations/performances.

For the promoters bringing professional guest instructors into the Tango Colorado community, it is Tango Colorado’s intention to collaborate and support such ventures by providing promotional access, with certain requirements, to the Tango Colorado membership.

As a benefit to membership, a guest instructor shall provide an intermediate/advanced dance lesson structured to demonstrate to the Tango Colorado participants a topic that will provide a compelling reason to register for the upcoming seminar.

In addition, a guest instructor shall provide a short dance demonstration/performance later in the evening, after the announcements.  This demo/performance should clearly demonstrate the elements included in the upcoming seminar topics.

To facilitate pre-registration, the promoter, or a representative of the promoter, shall be present during the announcements the week prior and week of the lesson and demonstration/performance to take registrations and provide information for the guest instructor’s upcoming seminar.

To maximize the exposure, turnout and registrations, the promoter shall promote the upcoming Tango Colorado lesson and demonstration/performance with flyers at the preceding two practicas, on their personal business website and post to the Tango Colorado Facebook page as well as any other social media currently utilized at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled Tango Colorado event.

On behalf of the promoter, Tango Colorado will announce the upcoming lesson and demonstration/performance a week ahead and the week of in the TC News announcements. Provided that the promoter is in compliance with the Tango Colorado Website Link to Link Policy, a link to the promoter’s business website for pre-registration, seminar schedule and any pertinent details regarding the history and credentials of the guest instructor will be included. Tango Colorado will also post this Tuesday event to the Tango Colorado website calendar and Facebook page.

The evening of the lesson and tango dance demonstration/performance, the promoter shall have access to the class immediately following the lesson to promote the upcoming seminar and hand out promotional materials. During the announcements, TC will once again announce the upcoming seminar, encourage members to participate, direct membership to the promoter for registrations, introduce the guest instructor and present the demonstration/performance.

In the spirit of good will and to further encourage collaboration, Tango Colorado will provide financial remuneration in addition to the promotional opportunities afforded. 

Option 1: The promoter/guest instructor shall receive $150 for their time and cooperation.

Option 2: The promoter/guest instructor shall receive $5 per student, with no income cap.

The TC Beginners Lesson shall not be cancelled. Historically it has not worked well or produced the desired results to integrate this group into such a high level lesson.

Recognizing that at some level not all instructors are equal, any departure from this program shall first be negotiated by a designated board member and then presented to the board for final approval. Further, whenever negotiating, program guidelines should be adhered to as closely as possible.

July 2016