ango Colorado was founded in 1996, about a year after the first local dancers began to learn this incredible dance, Argentine Tango. Members numbered about 30 dancers. Today we have over 500 active members all over the state and more than 800 subscribe to our mailing lists. There are dances (called milongas) and practice sessions (called practicas) in Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Aspen and other Colorado cities and towns. We are one of the oldest Tango groups in the country, as well as one of the five largest and most active in the United States. Our goal is to grow this passion through classes, through neutral support of our wonderful member teachers, musicians, DJs and through performances around the region. This is not the “ballroom” dance that you see on TV dance competitions or that is taught at most commercial dance studios. This is the authentic Tango from Argentina, which is rarely seen competitively as it is generally danced socially. Argentine Tango is danced with extreme connection with and focus on your partner. We think it is an amazing dance, and once you are hooked, it is like no other dance in the world.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tango Colorado is a non-profit organization run only with the support of our very generous volunteers. If you would like to become involved with one of the best Argentine Tango organizations in the country, please contact us and let us know how you would like to help.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Board of Directors
  • Practicas (Opening, Door Sign-In Shifts, Closing)
  • Milongas (Setup, Door Sign-In, Cleanup)
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and/or Quickbooks
  • Marketing Committee
  • Social Media maintenance
  • Hospitality
  • Photo and Videos (Taking and Editing)
  • Memorial Day and Labor Day Cheesman Park Milonga
  • Snow Ball Party (Setup, Door Monitors, Cleanup)

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